The 3rd Hong Kong International Darts Festival 2019
“Universities and Colleges Cup” Singles 01 Tournament
Date: 27 July 2019 (Saturday)
Time: 11:00 am
Location: Rotunda 3, 6/F, Kowloonbay International Trade & Exhibition Centre
Teams: Any gender
Requirement: Current University and Institute students, 29 years of age or under
Hong Kong players – Pre-register with the Organizer
Overseas players – By invitation only
Game: 501 OI/OO

Tournament Format:

Round Robin + Single Elimination / Single Elimination

Tournament Content:
Round Robin:

  • All players in the same group must complete all matches in the group.
  • Each match is “Best of 3”.
  • The player with the most wins will enjoy a higher ranking. If players are tied for any position on the chart, we will count on the Legs Won minus Legs Lost for decision. If the Leg difference is the same, we will count on the versus of both players. If it is a dead tie, an extra Count-Up game will be played to decide which player will advance.
  • Top 2 players of each group will advance to the Single Elimination.

Single Elimination:

  • Each match is “Best of 3”; the first player to win 2 Legs will advance.


All teams and players must arrive at the venue one hour before the official starting time.
Five minutes before the start of the match, all players are subject to follow the instructions of the referee, and are not allowed to do any warm-up practice.
Before the start of each match, the referee will invite the players to the designated darts machine. Each player can do 2 rounds of warm-up darts (6 darts).
When all the players complete the warm-up round, players can perform a coin flip to decide which team to go first in the 1st game.
In the 2nd game, loser of the previous game goes first.
If it is 1:1 tie, diddle to decide who start the 3rd game, loser of the 2nd game diddles first. Each team can send any one player which is on that game for diddle, the team whose dart comes closest to the exact center of the Bull will throw first in that game.
During the match, no players will be allowed to leave the venue without the permission of the referee.
Any player who fails to attend at the start of the match will be treated as a forfeit.
During the match, players cannot step beyond the throwline.
Score for each dart shall base on where it sticks on the dartboard. If the dart hit but does not stick on the board, machine score will consider as true. If there is any question as to whether the machine is working or scoring properly. STOP IMMEDIATELY. Do not remove the darts, and then call for the referee for help.
Once the match is finished, both teams must report the result to the Charting Control right away.
All decisions made by the tournament official are binding final.

Tournament Prizes:

Individual Awards:

Champion: HKD$1,500 + Trophy
1st Runner Up: HKD$800 + Trophy
Joint 3rd: HKD$500 + Trophy
Joint 5th: Medal

Inter-School Awards:
Once the tournament is finished, Inter-School Points will be awarded to each player based on their rankings. The tournament official will sum up the Inter-School Points of the Top 3 rank players of each university or institute as the Total Inter-School Points. An Inter-School Award Flag will be presented to three universities or institutes with the highest Intern-School Points.

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